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Testimonial #1

"Approximately twenty years ago, I was involved in an accident which severely tore the ligaments and tendons in my left ankle, fractured my hip, and broke my wrist. Surgeons did what they do and released me to work through it all and do the best I could. I went about my life, able to work and do what was necessary with a bearable amount of pain. During the ensuing years, the muscles on my left side began compensating for how I walked and the associated pain. In addition, my spine became crooked side to side and my shoulders and neck humped forward badly.

A few months ago, I came to Ashley Wright to determine if she could help. I knew her and was aware of her dedication, knowledge and desire to help people. She began applying her skill to my left leg and within a few appointments, had eliminated the pain up and down my leg. She concurrently began work on my back, neck and remaining upper body. She has removed most of the pain from those areas and I am seeing a drastic positive change in spine alignment and shoulder slump. I plan to continue treatments with Ashley until we achieve the maximum correction for my issues.

I have no hesitation recommending Ashley Wright to perform any services for which she is qualified. I also know her to be honest and of the highest integrity. Should you desire more information about my case, feel free to ask Ashley to contact me and I will contact you."

                                                                                        Tom S.

Testimonial #2

    "I met Ashley while she was attending massage therapy school and waitressing. She was very good as a waitress. She was always very friendly and attentive to her customers. Most importantly, she was personable. I feel that Ashley really cares about people.

I started going to her while she was in school and was very impressed with her ability to give a good (relaxation) massage. I have had back problems for years. I have been to many massage therapists, most of them disappointing. What I like about Ashley is that she really knows how to give a deep tissue massage. Too many therapists won’t for fear of hurting their client.

Ashley is also good at learning new techniques such as bodyworks. I found it a bit strange (neuromuscular therapy), but it solved a pinched nerve problem I have suffered with for a long time. Now it is fixed and I sleep so much better.

I know for a fact that Ashley is one of the best therapists that I have ever been to. My life is better because she is a special person with a very caring, healing touch. I recommend her to anyone because she has the right touch."

                                                                                          Paul S.


Testimonial #3

"I have chronic back pain and disc issues in neck and back. Ashley was amazing at working on me and explaining so much information to me. I am in amazement at how much better I feel even the next day. It's usually very painful for me to stand up straight and I still am upright! I would recommend her to EVERYONE."

                                                                                        Jessica Y.

Testimonial #4

“Ashley has always been good at explaining everything she is about to do, and how it will help, and what I need to do to help myself. I always recommend her, and will continue to do so. It is the "wright" thing to do.”

                                                                                           Russ S.

Testimonial #5

"I came into Ashley's business with ailments that I wasn't even aware of, and after working on the affected areas my posture breathing and overall being had improved. With the right exercises and stretches I believe my ailments will continue to improve. Would recommend her services to anyone looking for relief of muscle tension, ect."

                                                                                        Justin M.

Testimonial #6

"Definitely recommend! I have plantar fascitis and with just one treatment she was able to help relieve pain I'd been having for over a month!"

                                                                                     Desiree V.

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