Intuitive Bodywork and Massage
"Helping You Heal You"


Intuitive Bodywork and Massage has the intentions to provide wholesome, informative, and virtuous clinical massage therapy services to the community while acquainting the public with the benefits of natural healing and purposing massage as a necessity in their everyday health needs.

Our motto is "helping you heal you". Ashley Wright LMT, NKT is focused on educating the client about their bodies and what they can do about improving their own quality of life. She describes factors of everyday life that can contribute to their muscular imbalances leading to pain or nerve issues.

She tailors each treatment to not only what the client needs, but the goal of the client. She promotes the use of treatment plans and makes time to show clients stretching/strengthening exercises that will have the most impact on their road towards healing themselves.


Make this therapy your first resort, instead of your last!



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